Remedies to Get Rid of Chronic Constipation during Pregnancy: Best Natural Treatments

Get Rid of Chronic Constipation during Pregnancy

Chronic constipation, which can be very uncomfortable and even cause hemorrhoids, is a common problem during pregnancy. Approximately 40% of pregnant women experience constipation during their pregnancy. However, natural remedies for chronic constipation treatment can help prevent constipation symptoms.

Best Natural Treatments and Remedies for Chronic Constipation

Chronic constipation can develop as a result of pregnancy and can cause hemorrhoids and discomfort. If you suffer from constipation and you have to strain to have a bowel movement, you will be more likely to develop hemorrhoids.

If you suffer from chronic constipation, there are many things to consider about overcoming your condition and make an effort to return to your normal life. You can take the following steps to prevent and treat chronic constipation. These small changes can go a long way toward helping you feel better and have a positive effect on getting the bowels moving.

Make Dietary Changes

The most common chronic constipation treatments involve medication or even a simple diet change. Making diet changes, such as eating high-fiber foods, drinking plenty of water, helps in preventing and treating chronic constipation naturally. It is best to increase your consumption of fluids and dietary fiber rather than using laxatives to relieve hard stool problem.

Nothing helps more in treating chronic constipation naturally more than water. Increasing your water intake helps to flush toxins out of your body, regulate bowel movements, and keeps your body running at peak efficiency. Drink six to eight glasses of water every day. Sometimes, apple or prune juice can help prevent constipation as well.

If you're pregnant and have constipation, consume a diet high in dietary fiber. This is another of the best remedies for chronic constipation treatment. Try eating lots of high-fiber foods, such as such as fruits, vegetables, bran, and other whole grain breads and cereals. Fiber helps in softening the stools, reducing constipation, absorbing toxins, removing waste from your body, and balancing blood sugar etc.

Avoid Too Much Iron Supplements

Many women take iron supplements during pregnancy, which can also be a contributing factor for chronic constipation during pregnancy. Although iron is an important nutrient during pregnancy, iron supplements, particularly in high doses, can make constipation symptoms worse. If constipation is a concern for you, ask your health care professional to adjust your dosage to avoid constipation. Good nutrition will provide enough iron to meet your needs during pregnancy.

Have Daily Light Exercise

Exercise could be the best natural remedy for treating chronic constipation in pregnancy. Physical activity or exercise stimulates intestinal movement and helps alleviate pregnancy constipation symptoms. To prevent constipation from occurring, you can do light or moderate exercises that are safe for pregnant women. Try yoga, walking, swimming, or simple stretches to compact constipation during pregnancy.

If you are experiencing a lot of discomfort due to chronic constipation, consult your doctor. They may solve your constipation issue.
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Best Hemorrhoid Creams to Treat Hemorrhoids - Fast Relief of Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemorrhoid Creams

Hemorrhoids are swollen, itching veins in the rectum or anus. Having hemorrhoids can be annoying, painful, and very uncomfortable. An increasing number of people are looking for something to relieve hemorrhoids symptoms such as itching, burning, pain, inflammation, irritation, swelling, and bleeding, etc. If it sounds like you’re having a hemorrhoid or blood clot, and you don’t want to undergo a surgery, then you may want to treat it using hemorrhoid cream. Hemorrhoid creams are a very convenient remedy to apply. By using the best cream for hemorrhoid, you can treat your hemorrhoid effectively. Treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms using creams provides fast relief. Applying a topical pain relieving and hemorrhoid shrinking cream relieves the rectal itch and anal pain.

Treat Hemorrhoids using the Best Hemorrhoid Creams

Hemorrhoid creams and ointments, which can be found at most drugstores or supermarkets, help to relieve the burning and itching symptoms. These creams act as a lubricant and relieve you of the itching and any pain or irritation that you are experiencing. Depending on which active ingredients a cream is designed with, hemorrhoidal symptoms can be quickly and safely reduced. Most creams for hemorrhoids contain a variety of active ingredients to provide fast relief .

Active Ingredients in the Best Creams for Hemorrhoid to Relieve Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Finding hemorrhoids relief at home can be accomplished through over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams. The best hemorrhoid treatment creams contain active pain fighting ingredients to reduce swelling, pain, irritation and other symptoms. Creams that contain hydrocortisone are effective at relieving itching and swelling from piles. Some of the most common ingredients found in these over the counter treatment creams are anesthetics, analgesics, astringents, together with moisturizer and plant extracts. These active ingredients work together to relieve the painful piles. Creams containing a local anesthetic relieve pain by causing a reversible loss of sensation. The analgesic agents in these creams provide a cooling sensation and provide relief from hemorrhoid pain and itching. Most hemorrhoid creams include an astringent. The astringents in creams also help to cool and relax the area to prevent itching and burning of hemorrhoid. Other ingredients help to moisturize the dry skin and help shrink the vessels in the area.

With the help of the best hemorrhoid cream, you can get fast relief from the annoying symptoms. You can also avoid having to undergo invasive options for reducing the size of or removing hemorrhoids. The best advice is to use the creams that works well for you, and be sure to follow the instructions provided.
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Tips to Have Regular Healthy Bowel Movements: Avoid Painful Bowel Movements

Healthy Bowel Movements

Regular bowel movement is extremely important for maintaining a good overall health. The bowel movements helps in the elimination of the undigested food materials and other hazardous toxins from your body. There is no rule for frequency of bowel movements, but the proper bowel function entails having 1 to 2 good bowel movements per day. Healthy bowel movements should be easy and no pain should be experienced during it. Straining during bowel movements can lead to hypertension and hemorrhoids. Constipation can also cause hemorrhoids and lead to other troubles like stomach bloating, abdominal pain, etc. If the harmful toxins are not expelled from the body in the form of stools, it leads to re-absorption of toxins back into the bloodstream, leading to various diseases. So, a regular bowel movement is a must if you want to have a healthy cleansing of the body.

Tips to Get Regular Bowel Movements - Avoid Irregular and Painful Bowel Movements

A healthy bowel movement is essential for your overall health. Having irregular bowel movements and feeling constipated? There are some natural cures to end painful bowel movements today. Always keep your bowel movement healthy by following the tips that are given below.

1. One method for helping to have regular bowel movements is to find your best time of day to have a bowel movement. Establish a pattern of regular bowel movements.
2. When you feel the urge for a bowel movement, go to the toilet. Never hold it back. Holding-on further hardens the stool and makes the next bowel movement even more painful.
3. Develop the habit of drinking water regularly. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day really helps promote better bowel movement, because it hydrates the stool and your bowel movements should become more regular. Drink a glass of warm water in the morning. It helps in bowel movement.
4. Adding fiber rich foods to your diet is an important aspect of overall health. Fiber is essential for preventing constipation and regulating bowel movement. Consume lots of fiber rich foods to help you achieve regular bowel movements necessary for optimum health. The fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains are foods rich in fiber that help regulate bowel movements.
5. Increase your physical activity. Regular exercise is a good way to have regular bowel movements. Regular exercise stimulates the colon and keeps you regular. Simple exercises such as brisk walking, yoga, and jogging helps keep your bowel movements regular and helps reduce stress.

It is not a secret that many people sometimes get the irregular bowel movements. Irregular and painful bowel movements can be a cause of great embarrassment. However, it is very important to make sure bowel movement is a regular thing because it is one of the signs of good health. The above health tips could be effortlessly incorporated into your daily routine to experience healthy and regular bowel movements.
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Remedies and Tips for Bleeding Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Bleeding Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Bleeding hemorrhoids are very common in pregnant women during their third trimester. This is because of increased pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvic area. If women have had hemorrhoids prior to being pregnant, they are quite likely to have bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy.  Bleeding hemorrhoids  can cause a lot of pain and discomfort for any pregnant woman. Natural methods are effective for treating rectal bleeding during pregnancy.

Remedies and Tips for Treating Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Following are some simple tips and remedies to get rid of bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

1. Prevent Constipation: One of the main causes of hemorrhoid bleeding in pregnancy is constipation. The strain and the pressure exerted from continuous constipation leads to rectal bleeding. Fluids are important for preventing constipation during pregnancy. Drink six to eight glasses of water per day to soften your stools.
2. Eat More Fiber with your Meals: If you experience rectal bleeding, eat more fiber with your meals. Fiber softens stools, making theme easier to pass. Eating fiber rich foods helps in getting bleeding hemorrhoids relief during pregnancy and also serves as a good diet for keeping your baby healthy.
3. Reduce Salt Intake: Excess salt leads to fluid retention, making the blood vessels swell up, including piles or hemorrhoids. Lowering your sodium intake is an important tip to prevent hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding.
4. Exercise Regularly: Exercising, gentle yoga, and meditation are very useful in controlling external hemorrhoids. Add exercise routines which are fitting to your stage of pregnancy. Yoga may be the best exercise to get rid of hemorrhoid bleeding.
5. Always Rest on your Left Side: Overweight and obese women are more at risk of getting bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy. For obese pregnant women, it is highly advisable to rest lying on their left side 2 to 3 times daily. Lying on your side is better than on your back because it will avoid putting pressure on your rectal veins thereby relieving bleeding hemorrhoids.
6. Avoid Holding your Bowel Movements: Holding back bowel movements may cause stools become larger and drier. Straining, pushing or holding your breath during a bowel movement will result in rectal bleeding. A warm bath is a great way to reduce bleeding, pain, and inflammation.
7. Use Stool Softeners: The best way to prevent hemorrhoids is to keep your stools soft. If you do get constipated, talk to your doctor about a stool softener. Stool softeners will prevent the drying and allow the stool to move through the colon and intestines. They help reduce straining during bowel movements and prevent bleeding hemorrhoids.
8. Witch Hazel Remedy: Witch hazel helps to decrease the bleeding of hemorrhoids by acting as an astringent. Using pads or wipes that are medicated and contain witch hazel to external hemorrhoids, is soothing and helps control bleeding and itching. Creams prepared from witch hazel extracts may be applied as a home remedy to heal bleeding piles.

Treatment for bleeding hemorrhoid should always begin promptly, as it can lead to more serious issues. By following the above remedies and tips, you will be able to get rid of your painful bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Hemorrhoids: Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

It is rather common for pregnant women to have hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Pregnancy hemorrhoids or piles usually appear in the third trimester. Chronic constipation is extremely frequent in pregnant females. Constipation is normally the actual cause for hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Chronic constipation can cause or worsen hemorrhoids and anal fissure due to excessive straining during bowel movements or passing hard stools. However, there is a lot you can do for piles treatment during pregnancy. There are several natural home remedies for hemorrhoids treatment during pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy are closely related. Following are some natural remedies that you can do at home to get rid of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can easily be treated with these safe home remedy hemorrhoid treatments.

1. Pregnancy piles can be treated with ice packs. A cool ice pack applied directly to the hemorrhoid will bring immediate relief. This is an effective home remedy treatment for piles.
2. A habit of suppressing the urge to defecate will cause you to develop hemorrhoid symptoms. Never hold the urge to have a bowel movement because it contributes to chronic constipation, a major cause of hemorrhoids.
3. One of the easiest remedies for treating piles is warm water soaks. Soak in the warm bath for about twenty to thirty minutes every day.
4. Some women find that doing regular kegel exercises helps with their piles in pregnancy. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with the kegel exercise is beneficial for relieving hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
5. You should avoid sitting and standing for long periods of time. Prolonged sitting and standing can irritate hemorrhoids, and may cause hemorrhoid bleeding.

Hemorrhoid Cream

Using over-the-counter medicine for hemorrhoids is a better idea for treating piles during pregnancy. Hemorrhoid cream is safe to use for getting better relief. They help ease the pain and trouble associated with pregnancy piles. Ask your health care provider to recommend a hemorrhoid cream that is safe to use during pregnancy.
Prevent Hemorrhoids by Preventing Chronic Constipation
Keep in mind that constipation is a leading cause of piles during pregnancy. Chronic constipation often leads to hemorrhoids. The best thing to do during pregnancy to prevent piles is to avoid getting constipated. For relieving constipation, you need to eat a diet high in fiber (lots of whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables). Drinking plenty of water helps avoid constipation which may worsen symptoms of piles in pregnancy. Including some kind of physical activity in your daily routine is helpful for constipation relief. If you are constipated, your doctor may recommend fiber supplements or stool softeners.

These are the best hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy, which can be done at home and also safe. Follow these home remedies and get rid of hemorrhoids in pregnancy easily. Most women find that their hemorrhoids during pregnancy will begin to resolve soon after delivery. However, hemorrhoids after pregnancy or childbirth can persist. If you are suffering from piles after pregnancy, use appropriate piles relief treatments, for example over the counter hemorrhoids creams or gel.
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